West Coast fillet
Delicate noon bits

West Coast fillets are whole skinless and boneless herring fillets abandoned in the Herring King’s special sauce, which will add another dimension to West Coast fillet. Server straight from the jar along with dill boiled potatoes, sour cream and chopped chives. It’s really summer food.

Spicy herring fillet (skin and boneless) 300g. Sauce: water, sugar, spices, E202 and E211.

Nutrition per 100g
Energy 935kj (224kcal), Protein 9.8g, carbohydrate 13g, of which sugars 4.6g, fat 14.8g of which saturates 2.6g, monounsaturated fatty acids, 2.6g polyunsaturated fatty acids 3.5g, of which Omega-3 3 2g of sodium and 2.8g.

Cooling Items
0 - +6°C

Epd No: 01149780
Net weight: 900g
No. in pack: 6