Swedish Herring Salad

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6 West Coast fillets
2 boiled, cold potatoes
2 cup pickled beets
1 whole pickled cucumber
1 apple
1 shallot
Mustard sauce:
1 tablespoons sweet mustard
1 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
1 cup oil

Cut herring, potatoes, beets, pickles, apple and onion into equal sized cubes.
Stir together mustard, sugar and vinegar in a bowl. Beat in the oil in a steady stream until the sauce is thick. Season with salt and pepper.
Fold in cubes in the sauce and set the cold for a while before serving.

Instead of mustard sauce, you can use whipped cream flavored with chopped parsley and horseradish. Herring salad can be served as appetizer with boiled eggs, salad and good bread.