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Together with chef Magnus Sjøberg, we have made ​​three tasty recipes for West Coast fillet which we hope will be both fun and an inspiration for the whole family. Enjoy!


Tips for Sildakongen’s herring

There are many ways to present herring, so to help you stay on track we have made ​​some simple tips for each different type of our herring.

TIPS: Skutesild
Skutesilden are Sildakongen’s answer to the popular bacalao, which we let ourselves be inspired by our business travel to Portugal. With the taste of tomato and Madeira, this is a perfect herring to put on the table for both everyday and festive. Serve Skutesilden on a piece of fresh rye bread. This is both healthy and well.

TIPS: Sherrysild
The noble ladies of the upper class England are content with only the best. Sherry should be. And Sildakongen’s Sherrysild is made ​​for the extra fine palate and tastes great in salads along with other snacks, or make small delicate canapés topped with herring, onions and radishes.

TIPS: Eksotisk sild
Surprise your guests with a little more bold flavors than they used to. Slice the mango, melon and red onion into equal pieces herring and mix fruit and herring gently together. It tastes great, but if you want to be on the safe side, you can serve Exotic Herring on small toasted bread slices with a sprinkle of pink pepper.

TIPS: Utsira-sild
It is not always necessary to make such a fuss when you have guests. With Sildakongen’s Utsira herring make it easy for yourself when you get an unexpected visit. Do you have bread, butter and Utsira herring in the house, you have a tasty, quick and healthy meal to serve your unexpected guests.

TIPS: Vestkystfileten
West Coast fillets are whole skinless and boneless herring fillets abandoned in the Sildakongen’s special sauce, which will add another dimension to West Coast fillet. Serve straight from the jar along with dill boiled potatoes, sour cream and chopped chives. It’s really summer food..

TIPS: Sennepsild
Sildakongens Mustard Herring are not only a classic buffet, but also for Easter and Christmas. With its mild flavor of mustard and fresh dill it is perfect as a “beginner herring” for those who have not yet have been saved by the Sildakongen’s herring.

TIPS: Sursild
Serve Norwegian tapas next time you have foreign guests to visit. Freshly baked bread with butter Pickled herring and red onion is good, and with something they have never tasted before. We should be proud of our Norwegian quality products and the roots we have left of traditions in this country.

TIPS: Norsk Gjestegiversild
If you love food that tastes the Sildakongen Norwegian Innkeeper Herring is for you. An exciting and tasty herring that you can serve straight from the jar. With good bread on the table and good company around, this is the food most people can appreciate.

TIPS: Gammeldags Gaffelbit
Our best seller that can easily be combined with a variety of accessories. We would recommend egg slices, salt and pepper. Old-fashioned Gaffelbit has a long tradition of the Norwegian people.